Say Yes and Smile

A practice that is very influential and eye-opening is to say yes and smile when first rising out of bed in the morning.  Our disposition at the moment we rise out of bed sets the tone of our life.  It is completely natural to say yes and smile when first rising from bed in the morning for those who love their life.

For those of us who find this practice challenging, this is a big step towards living from our soul’s guidance.  This practice influences one to fully embrace life.  Any resistance to embracing our life purpose becomes apparent with this practice. This practice sets the tone of enthusiasm and courage to accept our situation and follow our heart throughout the day.

Tree Hugging Wisdom

Making a connection with nature is always beneficial for our well-being. Hugging a tree is an opportunity to become attuned to natural wisdom. Trees are rooted into the earth and blossom high into the sky to take in cosmic energy. Hence, they show how we can thrive by being balanced in receiving earth and cosmic energy.

All nature is interconnected. Big trees benefit all of life in their vicinity. I’m grateful to have an opportunity to hug a healthy ponderosa pine on my hikes to attune to their wisdom. After that, I can feel the symbiotic connectedness of all the life energy around me.

Lighter Density People

Beings from lighter densities agree to take birth in this third density realm to help uplift the world by showing that there is a better way of being. This is done out of great bravado, since this is a great risk for them.

There has purportedly been an increase in the percentage of lighter density beings accepting birth as humans in the past few decades. Also, many have been taking birth in human form for the past 20,000 years.

Beings of lighter densities have initially found it most comfortable to live in ashrams and monastic settings for many lifetimes before they have enough confidence to face the shock of being in main stream society. During the darker times of our history, these people were killed for being different.

A challenging tendency is to hide one’s inner light in order to fit in and be safe. These people may eventually become very cut-off from being who they really are and lead a life of lonely mediocrity. However, they are eventually drawn to self acceptance to be of service to life.

If you feel you may be this type of person, contemplate and ask for inspiration and guidance on how you can best be of service. Your light is a gift to this world!

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Five Ways I Found to Enhance Life Energy

The more we learn to recognize and cultivate our life energy, the more we can truly shine. Here are some practices that I have found to be helpful in my life.

Hike in Nature: A habit of going outdoors for a stint in nature is key to increasing our life energy. The beauty of nature and the fresh air calm the mind and allow many insights to come forward.

Yoga: Releasing tension, moving with the breath and expanding into a full expressive movement and posture can take us into space where we know anything is possible. Doing yoga outdoors on the earth is even better.

Ballroom Dance: Ballroom dancing is very cool. There is such a sensual joyous freedom in ballroom dancing. When one is completely in tone with the music in guiding or following one’s partner, the response from one’s partner is synergistic in creating a joyful exchange. It helps one to truly move from the sacral chakra.

Pure Water: Processed sugar is a big toxin in our diet. Much of the processed sugar in our diet comes from sweet beverages, so increasing the amount of pure water we drink is a key area where we can improve our health.

Hand Crafted Art: Hand crafted art supports our immune system. The energy of the artist goes into their art, so having hand painted paintings and hand crafted art is beneficial. Machine made prints and art have no life supporting energy.

In the World but not of the World

One who intuits inaction in action, and action in inaction is wise amongst humankind. This person has an awakened consciousness while engaged in the world. ~ Bhagavad Gita 4.18

Non-attachment is natural to the extent we have experienced that we are not our mind or body. This is the benefit of a profound awakening. However, even for those of us who have not had that kind of permanently liberating experience, the path of freedom can still be practiced.

I currently see this understanding as a harmonious participation with the flow of the universe. In this participation all tension is released around controlling one’s life. That is replaced by courageously allowing the universe to support one’s life. Then one can act with freedom. That is inaction in action. Then we can confidently stay with our highest awareness throughout our interaction in the world.

Our mind can be a useful tool when we learn how to drive it instead of having our mind drive us.

What is my Dharma?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that has become common in the English language. It has many meanings in the context of different beliefs. In one context, dharma is what one is designed to be on the most essential level. It is the predilection to bring value in a certain way.

Dharma is effortless. It is not something that we think we’re supposed to do. For instance, some souls are very creative and bring beauty to the universe. Some souls like structure. They are innovative and bring new ideas to the universe. Some souls shine the light. They walk into the darkness and shine the light by teaching and example.

Many of us have gone through many lives trying to be of service in the world, but have been distracted by circumstance. Eventually, we become earnest and honest with ourselves, and participate with how the universe flows to offer real value regardless of our particular circumstance.

You Can Only Go as High as You’ve Gone Low

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making darkness conscious. ~ Carl Jung

Unless we are willing to bring to awareness, acknowledge and clear the hidden and projected aspects of ourselves, we will block ourselves from a deeper and richer awareness.

Whatever we recognize in others is an aspect of ourselves; both the good and the bad.  It is helpful to contemplate owning these projections while relaxing the tensions in the body and allowing all this to be okay.  Everything is okay.  There are certainly some beings that are much more evolved than others, and that happens with self-acceptance and openness.

Sometimes we may have an unconscious deep loathing for ourselves for our past actions which we have blocked out and repressed.  Techniques that allow us to bring up and release unconscious emotions are valuable to open to a deeper and balanced awareness.

Accepting the light and dark nature of ourselves allows us to see the full spectrum of life.  This openness and equanimity leads to a clear and balanced perspective.  We can accept the unpleasant and unavoidable circumstances in life with the serendipitous and fortunate circumstances in life.