We Are Multidimensional Beings in a Multidimensional Universe

Many mystical traditions have described that there are multidimensional frequencies that form the resonance of the universe, and that we are multidimensional beings. The Kabbalah describes ten frequencies of light that the soul descends through on its journey from spirit to matter. Even physicist are getting used to speaking about dark matter, the energy in the universe that creates no light. Those are the dimensions that are beyond the limited three dimensional perception field of the mind and senses. M-theory has been able to mathematically posit that there are up to eleven dimensions. The higher dimensions in M-theory and some mystical traditions are considered to be parallel dimensions.

Many multidimensional paradigms describe the first three dimensions as length, width and depth. This is the limited perceptual field of our mind and senses. Higher dimensional frequencies can be felt and experienced on a more subtle level. Explanations of higher dimensions in mystical traditions and M-theory can only be imagined by the mind.

Both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have theorized that one could use a worm hole to go from this dimension to another parallel reality. In the PBS series: The Elegant Universe, it was suggested that electromagnetic energy might be a key to generating a wormhole. That sounds like a fascinating technology to do space/time travel. Some claim the we already have this technology, and it was given to us by extra terrestrials. However, our intellect will not lead us to awaken to what we are on multidimensional levels.

My understanding is that this realm is where beings come to let go of the illusion of karma, form, and the illusion of attachment to any particular form or shape or perception field of who or what they think they are and become what they really are: part of the eternal multidimensional process of the universe. It is an advanced placement program since the soul has the challenge to go beyond the tenacious grip that our human mind has on its familiar limited perception field.

The limited perspective of this three dimensional realm can lead to pain, judgment, fear and karma. In the sense that karma is all the pain, judgment and fear that we tow around. We remain stuck in this illusion when we try to awaken with only our mental understanding. The human mind hangs on to karma, pain and its limited perspective, because it abhors real change. The human mind likes to hunt where it knows how to hunt. It likes the familiar. Its whole job is to keep this body in one piece, and so it ignores, willingly ignores, everything else.

There are many tools that help us get closer to full awakening. However, with the limitations of human communication, it is wise not to take as verbatim any teaching, religion or culture. To have true understanding, one has let go of everything they think they know, and start experiencing what is. One has to go within to feel the understanding coming from the silence of life essence. One has to feel it, encounter it, and let go of the need to be dimensional. Then one awakens to a state of embracing the life-essence itself with every breath, and participates in creating a positive shift in the universe. One can then own their true light.

Helpful links for further investigation:
Theoretical Physicist and String Theorist: Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe and many other writings and videos: http://www.briangreene.org

My Pinterest page on this subject has that has diagrams and art linking to source media: http://www.pinterest.com/FullResonance/dimensionfrequencyrealmchakra/


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