Be True to Yourself

In my defenselessness my safety lies. ~ ACIM 153

This statement is lesson number:153 in the Course in Miracles Workbook. This statement teaches us to own our power; to be autonomous. When we own our autonomy, we can let down our defenses and open up to the world. This presents a profoundly adaptive coping strategy. This strategy is an overall way of being that can be applied to any area of life. Notice the release of tension in your shoulders when you feel this statement. Worry, guilt and feeling victimized are maladaptive coping habits. They block our life energy. Own that we are life. Life supports life. The universe will have our back when we open up to allow our authentic self to thrive.

A key factor in this process is to cultivate complete harmony with yourself through unconditional forgiveness with yourself and toward others. Forgive your past and you’ll know longer need to defend your mistakes. That blocks our life energy. We authentically thrive when we are not holding on to any grievances with ourselves and others.

The human race has long come to the point where the fear-based tendencies of our animal brain (limbic system) no longer serve our evolution. The more we allow our inner tone to drive our life, the more we can evolve to our potential.

The question is: How to offer the greatest value to the world? The simple answer: By being you! The practice is to feel comfortable in your own skin; in the wholeness of all the different aspects of yourself. Make it an exercise to at least have one conversation where you go into it consciously and knowingly; intending to relate as an whole person, as a person that doesn’t need something.

When we compromise being true to our deepest understanding we block our life energy. Being open and vulnerable in our communication allows our contentedness and calm to come forth. It allows our inner tone to come forth. Then we can communicate and embody our deepest understanding.

We have to walk the path on our own two feet. The more we can be true to our inner tone the faster we can take down the barriers, illusions and judgments that keep us from truly awakening.


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