Dying to Live

Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once. ~ Shakepere’s Julius Ceasar

In this quote Shakespeare is using death as a metaphor. This metaphor of death conveys how a person feels inside when he or she runs away from a challenge or a major opportunity in life. We lose some strength of character each time we refuse to face a challenge in life. When we back away from living our deepest understanding, we “die” a little inside and lose life energy.

An untamed mind will habitually die everyday. Some examples include:

  • Dying to the mind’s limiting beliefs
  • Dying to the fear of not having enough
  • Dying to the fear of being in pain

These are the same old traumas that resurface lifetime after lifetime until we decide that life means more than this.

Our full experience of life becomes dull and limited by clinging to the familiar. Our fear-based mentality abhors change and the unfamiliar. The ego/mind will always choose the safe dullness of the familiar of over the richness and freedom that our inner tone is nudging us towards. When we choose to follow the dull but safe agenda of our ego/mind we will be dying to live.

In a sense, it comes down to a sense of urgency. With a sense of urgency, this type of question becomes relevant:

  • Am I ready to live my deepest understanding and rely on the universe for support?
  • Am I ready to go for it?

It is very helpful to understand that the universe is on our side. There is no need to try to control what we have no control over. We can’t control life, so live and let live. The more we allow the flow of life the more life can support us. The more we are follow our heart, the more we will feel alive. Then we can be supported by life.

Sometimes we become stuck when we are afraid of making the wrong choice. There are no wrong choices. Trust the flow and keep making choices. We are always making choices. Sometimes we just can’t see that we have other options. Be attentive to ask yourself: What is most important to me in this situation? That is driving our choice and the ability to see our options. Although we all have the habitual tendency to react in a certain way, we can step back and choose different options. That is free will.

To evolve beyond being driven by the mind’s habitual tendency to cling to illusions and perceptions takes continual mindful allowing. Give priority to that which is in alignment with your deepest understanding. That will take us down the rich path of freedom that we are all meant to experience.


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