The Power of Serenity

What is the secret of your serenity?
Said the master: Wholehearted cooperation with the inevitable.
~ Anthony de Mello

There is uncertainty about the future in everyone’s life. We have no control over the future. What is in our control is our ability to be calm and serene in the midst of uncertainty. It is how we choose to be with the present that determines our future.

This empowers us to truly participate in the unavoidable challenges of life. We only make matters worse with our avoidance. When we maintain serenity in the midst of uncertainty, we allow the best outcome. This is the path of empowered freedom and harmonious participation with life that is described in the Bhagavad Gita:

You can perform your duty, but you have no control over the results. Never let your action be motivated for a certain result, and release any attachment to avoid your duty. ~ Bhagavad Gita 2.47

When we get caught up in our anxiety and fear our body and mind become contracted. That will block our intuition. Ignoring our intuition and relying only on our limited perception will hinder our understanding. Recognizing our anxiety is a signal to tranquilize our tension and to bring up a calm serene smile. This allows our fear to flow through us, and will bring us back to balance. Having a balanced mind supports the best outcome.


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