Dissonance and Resonance

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is a term used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance.

Dissonance Reduction

It is important to understand that our behavior is a product of our beliefs. The most constructive way to reduce our cognitive dissonance is to determine what is relevant for ourselves and to observe and question the beliefs that support our behavior. Questioning our beliefs are a very powerful tool to find freedom. If we question our thoughts and beliefs, we can clear the load of holding on to limiting beliefs. It takes patience, compassion and persistence to uncover and clear our subconscious limiting beliefs, so it is beneficial find a clearing practice that works for you.


It is quite helpful to honestly ask what is most important in your life. This can be more difficult than it sounds if we are looking for that answer outside ourselves. We are are influenced by societal expectations, and there is also the tendency to follow the example of an older sibling or a parent. Relevancy can only be determined by ourselves, and it comes out of honesty and self acceptance. The more we become clear about what resonates for us, the more we will be aware of our options.

Mind versus Heart

The mind’s mission is to keep your body in one piece. It is behind our survival beliefs. It is what leads us to give high relevancy to a safe high paying job. Unfortunately, student and credit card dept make our survival beliefs more relevant.

The heart is the curious one that leads us to experience our deepest most meaningful life. It reflects the inner tone that is designed to lead us to experience the happy, fulfilling, peaceful, and creative life that we long for beyond merely surviving.

The Bridge

At some point in life, when we’re free from financial debt, we may feel a dissonance in the meaningfulness of our life situation. We may feel nudged to start a new occupation that we feel resonates with us. This is the time to be open for change, and to continuously question that which has closed us down from experiencing a more fulfilling life.


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