Generosity and Currency

Our thoughts and emotions effect the world around us, and are reflected back in our experience. Everything is interconnected. Our experience is a reflection of our vibration.

Generosity is open-hearted magnanimity. It supports joy, freedom and prosperity. It can be expressed in many ways. One of the simplest and biggest ways to be generous is to smile and lighten up. This has a profound effect on our life and the world around us. Especially those who see and feel our example.

This is easy to test in a public place around complete strangers:

  • Sit down, close your eyes, frown and radiate bad feelings of fear, blame and anger.
  • Now look around and see the cold frowning people around you.
  • Close your eyes, smile, relax and radiate joy for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now look around and see the happy people around you.

Currency is the flow of giving and receiving. Prosperity is allowing yourself to be abundantly generous, and allowing yourself to abundantly receive. Currency as money is only a symbol of this prosperity.

Generosity supports a calm and balanced mind where we can release our habitual tendencies toward judgment, pain, fear and shame. This opens us up to awaken to a deeper awareness.

When we are in a vibration of generosity we can see how we can add value to the world. By following that inspiration we can start to offer true value to the world. This will lead to our prosperity and happiness. Sometimes we are discouraged to follow our inspiration due to our past memories of disappointment. By recognizing and clearing those beliefs, we will recognize new opportunities that we had formerly ignored.

The more that we contribute to a positive shift in life, the more we experience confidence in being supported by the universe.


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