You Know What’s Best for Yourself

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows. ~ Unknown

We all need some level of confidence to be able to recognize and follow our own path.  Many of us are pulled by the direction and ideas coming from other people about what we should do in life.  This limits our potential.

When we are able to clear all the shoulds in our life, we can confidently follow what we know is best.  In most cases our mental dialog is actually with the energy of other people.  When we clear the foreign energy coming from those influential in our life, our mind will be quite silent.  We will then be able to make clear decisions and follow our intuition.

Many of us have to acknowledge and clear the beliefs that prevent us from recognizing and following our own voice. How much are we open to trust and engage in the joy of following our own path?  Real progress can be made one step at a time. As we step into new terrain, we may only know what is our next step.  Eventually we become okay with uncertainty and develop confidence in ourselves.

Indications that you on the right path are calmness, serenity, gentleness, poise, openness, and grace.


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