Five Ways I Found to Enhance Life Energy

The more we learn to recognize and cultivate our life energy, the more we can truly shine. Here are some practices that I have found to be helpful in my life.

Hike in Nature: A habit of going outdoors for a stint in nature is key to increasing our life energy. The beauty of nature and the fresh air calm the mind and allow many insights to come forward.

Yoga: Releasing tension, moving with the breath and expanding into a full expressive movement and posture can take us into space where we know anything is possible. Doing yoga outdoors on the earth is even better.

Ballroom Dance: Ballroom dancing is very cool. There is such a sensual joyous freedom in ballroom dancing. When one is completely in tone with the music in guiding or following one’s partner, the response from one’s partner is synergistic in creating a joyful exchange. It helps one to truly move from the sacral chakra.

Pure Water: Processed sugar is a big toxin in our diet. Much of the processed sugar in our diet comes from sweet beverages, so increasing the amount of pure water we drink is a key area where we can improve our health.

Hand Crafted Art: Hand crafted art supports our immune system. The energy of the artist goes into their art, so having hand painted paintings and hand crafted art is beneficial. Machine made prints and art have no life supporting energy.


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