Lighter Density People

Beings from lighter densities agree to take birth in this third density realm to help uplift the world by showing that there is a better way of being. This is done out of great bravado, since this is a great risk for them.

Beings of lighter densities have initially found it most comfortable to live in ashrams and monastic settings for many lifetimes before they have enough confidence to face the shock of being in main stream society. During the darker times of our history, these people were killed for being different.

A challenging tendency is to hide one’s inner light in order to fit in and be safe. These people may eventually become very cut-off from being who they really are and lead a life of lonely mediocrity. However, they are eventually drawn to self acceptance to be of service to life.

If you feel you may be this type of person, contemplate and ask for inspiration and guidance on how you can best be of service. Your light is a gift to this world!


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